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Maze Maker/GeneratorWelcome to The Teacher's Corner Maze Maker! With this generator you can generate a limitless number of unique and customizable mazes in just seconds.

If this is your first time, we have set some default options below so all you have to do is click the "Generate Maze" button below. Once it is created, you can simply click anywhere on the maze to see the solution! It's as easy as that!

We answer some of our most asked questions in the FAQ's tab. We also encourage your comments and suggestions. Simply let us know your thoughts in the comments box at the bottom of this page! If you like this tool, check out our other great puzzle makers, and please tell a friend!




We estimate that most printers can handle a total page size of about:
Width: 640px
Height: 890px
This is an ESTIMATE. We have provided Total Width/Height boxes below that will help you judge the size of everything you add.

  Width of lanes: 50=EASY, 10=HARD
  # of columns:
Total Width:
Total Height:
  # of rows:
Start and Finish indicators add 100px to total width of maze
Start Indicator: NONE:    
Finish Indicator NONE:    

IMPORTANT NOTE: After generating puzzle, click the maze to toggle the KEY!

ALSO: ALL MAZES are generated dynamically - so unless you have a very, very small maze you will never see the same maze twice. Ever. So be sure to print it & the key!!

TO PRINT: Generate maze, then choose "Print" from the "File" Menu on your browser.

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