FAQ's and Troubleshooting

  • Some word are not being scrambled!
    • This generator takes the letters of each word, then randomly spits them back out to make the scrambled word. Shorter words (ie. 2 or 3 letter words) will have a higher chance that the randomizing MAY spit them out in the same order they started out in - this is just chance! Try remaking the puzzle to see if it will scramble them. If you are working with twenty 3 letter words, chances are you may never get all twenty to come out scrambled. If this is really an issue, make a comment to that fact in our comments box below. We can add programming to prevent this, if it is highly desired.
  • The word scramble made 'curse' or 'bad' words!
    • Just like the chances of your word being scrambled above, and coming out to look unscrambled, if you have words that have the exact same letters as "curse" words, those words have a chance of being scrambled with the scrambled word being respelled as the "curse" word.
      • For example: "Hits" has a possibility of being scrambled and making a bad word. Please check your finished worksheet prior to distributing to your children for these instances.
  • Can I make a PDF and store this on my computer?
    • Yes. Please see the "How to make a PDF" button on the generated puzzle page. The provided method will create best available reproduction of beautiful/complex puzzles like our puzzle maker creates.
  • Can I put this worksheet on my website? Can I put this worksheet in my book? etc.
    • No. Please read our Terms of Use
    • In general, you are allowed to make copies for classroom or home use only, provided you do not remove the citation on the copies.
    • Any other uses are forbidden without express written consent of The Teacher's Corner

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