FAQ's and Troubleshooting

  • Images not printing
    • We have only verified that this works in Internet Explorer 6 and 7. It does NOT work in Firefox.
    • Be sure that you have 'Print background images and colors' in your browser settings.
    • If your image is too large, browsers cannot open it and it will not show up.
    • Must be the correct type of image. Only jpg, jpeg, png, and gif images are fully supported. If it is a .bmp or .tif, you must convert it to a supported file type.
    • Firefox will not print images from your computer on a remote website without changing browser configuration files. Therefore we do not support Firefox.
  • Can I make a PDF and store this on my computer?
    • Yes. Please see the "How to make a PDF" button on the generated puzzle page. The provided method will create best available reproduction of beautiful/complex puzzles like our puzzle maker creates.
  • Can I save this as a Microsoft WORD document?
    • Although we do not make a word document for you to download, we have found that if you can highlight the entire page with your mouse, then copy and paste into a new word document - it will retain the table structure and data. This may take some experimentation, but it worked for us with IE7 and Firefox.
  • Can I put this worksheet on my website? Can I put this worksheet in my book? etc.
    • No. Please read our Terms of Use
    • In general, you are allowed to make copies for classroom or home use only, provided you do not remove the citation on the copies.
    • Any other uses are forbidden without express written consent of The Teacher's Corner

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